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reading revival is devoted to promoting australian poetry books and related discussion through reading one book - firstly, duty by geraldine mckenzie. i will choose a new book roughly every 3 months

Friday, March 17, 2006

five years down the track & im still impressed with geraldine mckenzies duty. this may be a melbourne impression, but i think this book's been overlooked. as youve probably gathered, this book is my choice to inaugurate readingrevivial. if you have it already, nows the time to pick it up again. any thoughts? share them please. if you havent youve got three months to read it and take part in the discussion, but why not get in early, those copies wont last forever. you can order from good book shops (shops that stock good books) such as collected works (melbourne) or gleebooks (sydney) or the lane (perth) or new editions (fremantle); or online at the links on the right (or at the bottom, having some formatting issues). im available to lead poetry book groups email me: im announcing the blog on saturday at john leonard's lecture (early) (earlier than id planned). any problems getting a book (don't forget libraries, and inter-library loans. maybe you could persuade your library to get a copy -- this might be a lengthy process ...) email me for help.


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