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Monday, April 03, 2006

add comments re your first impression of duty here


At 6:40 PM, Blogger simon said...

Hello Michael
Below are notes from a journal kept in 2004, while studying at melbourne university, the first impression seems ignorant. Have posted them to post something.

27? 28/3 A saturday, late March, evening, reading, eating
What am I eating? grapes. Reading? Duty, by Geraldine McCl, o a spelling mistake, my brain not coordinating, or using some part of my coordinating neurones to think about by and riding on the right hand footpath over Swanston bridge which may have an independent name, thinking about by - what was I thinking? Duty by Geraldine McKenzie. Why? One because of her name, I've read reviews by the same name on Jacket on Anne Carson - the Autobiography of Red, which I'd read - and liked - but she didn't and I agree with why she didn't - and maybe I'd read it again and not like it anymore - I am very susceptible to opinion by the way - by the way who the hell am I talking to in this voice, you? Me? The grapes are good, organic.
P&O Cold Logistics, large dog, dodgy men in a dodgy mobile
babies in strollers. I must turn back. Gangland killings

master, mastery - VFT
How to use the page... the turn, the physical, hand.
turn, blank, the unexpected, pat
76 'fat on others' pain.'[I-V] 'this club's gone through a lot of hurt' - Bulldogs President [TV]
x like x
titles talking to you, hand over

'Soon my mistakes will make me famous' Chernobyl Small Talk, Emma Lew The Wild Reply Black Pepper 1997
Franz the waiter at the Pflaume in Walter Abish's How German Is It? makes a matchstick model of the concentration camp of Durst, over which a new township has been built of Brumholdstein, named after a philosopher Brumhold who lived in a log cabin in the woods working out How Deutsch est is? in his spare time, in his basement. Franz lived with Ulrich and Helmuth von Hargenau.
'the waiter Franz's grotesque project'
'If you really want my opinion, said the mayor, I think this hobby of his is simply and expression of his detestation. I've got him down for a real anti-social type.' 95
And then read Testament, Geraldine McKenzie in Duty, borrowed because of the title
Ach! Europe

At 7:21 AM, Blogger michaelf said...

simon, thanks. even tho most of yr words arent about duty as such theres a kind of paralleling going on,as if theyre the notes of someone whos just read duty. the abishness is perhaps in mckenzie, & theres something similalry euro about lew & mckenzie, tho the tone is totally different (i think). theres something of 'during the fever' in lew, 'after' in mckenzie.


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