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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

there are 12 adenfrorde-fragments p12-17 (13 if u count the pierre martory epigraph: 'inutile de s'inquiter/ impossible de de perdre/ on peut toujours se promener si on le desire/ aussi lontemps qu'on le desire...'[translation anyone?]); the number suggests a rough correspondence with the 11 versions/definitions of adenfrorde on p11. various phrases suggest a poetics: 'humans/shape a weakness' 'the wood of/ perceived connections' 'pallid gums / bind up their skins/ and raise their clumsy/roots in dance'.'pallid gums' suggests a collapse of white with indigenous; if you grant the yeatsian then roots become strands of history in the dance of poetry. [the dance isnt a figure im fond of. evokes something pervy-romantic to me.] '' is followed by 'are you familiar/with this --' .. the necessary estrangement in order to write? the question of who her audience is? it leads into fragment 3: 'a green horse/prised from meticulous/ forest': encapsulates surrealist, lyric, collage & eco poetics in one phrase. 'a cold eden'(i.e. edenfreude)? (4) 'say spirit brown-breasted the/casual mountains of circumference/wend to lake/illumination by water/ vicarious dugong flaunting paps/ haunched in dreamt fluidity' this could be '[mentally] illuminated by water-as-agent/oracle,' '[physically] illuminated by water-as-site'] or 'illumination [spiritual/intellectual/corporal..] by [the side of] water'. is 'illumination' 'a state of mind rather than a location or concept'(edenfreude again)? ['illuminations' will recur only two poems later: as the title of the sonnet sequence.] fragment 5, the first part of which reads 'burnt the fathers/black in the synagogue/make it holy, for Christ's/sake--make it/holy total power/now as they take over/ the language/who writes the book/won't need to burn' puts us where? in a sarcastic edenforward? edenflawed or edenfraud? these are the christian/jewish roots which had people dancing in fires. who wrote the book.. the monks? the scribes? but 'writes' could be whoever controls the interpretation of the book. 'burnt the fathers/black in the synagogue..' im probably missing a historical reference here, but australian/eden-wise what strikes me as being burnt black are: the gums [in the church of the forest]; the kelly gang [by police at the seige of glenrowan .. & by extension ned (who wasnt in the fire but) was presented as black by nolan .. to extend even further .. if billycans can be fathers (expecting them to boil - but they famously dont, not quickly enough in 'waltzing matilda' nor in barbara baynton's 'scrammy 'and'. in the case of indigenous burning, it suggests the power of white [print] culture with its unburnable book that writes the very meaning of burning; in the kelly/matilda examples the police write the book; & in the baynton it is death... more anon...


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